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Sipson Island Trust, Inc.

When the Friends of Pleasant Bay (FoPB) agreed to raise funds for the acquisition of Sipson Island through a public/ private partnership, FoPB formed a committee whose charge was to determine what kind of entity should be responsible for taking ownership of the island and ensuring that it will be responsibly managed and stewarded. The committee’s work resulted in the creation of a private nonprofit (status pending) land trust: the Sipson Island Trust (SIT).

SIT is a recently founded nonprofit public charity dedicated to preserving Sipson Island. Its founding Board of Directors reflects the intent to represent diverse stakeholders in the Orleans and greater Pleasant Bay community: marine scientists, ecologists, educators, business owners, land conservation organizations, shellfishermen, and others. Together with the Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, their mission is to raise funds and collaborate to preserve and protect Sipson Island in its natural state, while finding creative, inclusive, and sustainable ways to make its treasures available to the public through passive recreation, education, and research.


  1. To protect, maintain, and restore the ecological integrity, habitats, and natural diversity on Sipson Island (the “Properties”);
  2. To promote education, research, and public awareness of the Properties as places of environmental, historical, and community importance;
  3. To appropriately manage the Properties’ natural resources and any improvements located thereon;
  4. To foster understanding of the Properties’ history and indigenous significance; and
  5. To support and manage public access to the Properties in a manner consistent with the purposes herein.


Tasia Blough (President)- Board: Friends of Pleasant Bay; former Research Specialist: Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (marine science, research, education)

Bob Prescott (Vice President) - former Director: Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (coastal research, wildlife biology, education)

Maia Ward (Treasurer) - Board: Friends of Pleasant Bay; Co-Owner: Dempsey Marine Electronics & Electrical (business management, biology)

Charlie Sumner (Secretary) - Board: Brewster Conservation Trust; former Executive Director: Pleasant Bay Community Boating (conservation, education, local government)


Dorothy Bassett - Executive Director: Chatham Conservation Foundation (conservation, education, land management)

Jay Cashman - Lessee: Strong Island, Pleasant Bay (neighbor, business owner, marine construction)

Tod Cochran - Board: Pleasant Bay Narrows Trust (attorney, labor law)

Ginny Farber - Orleans Conservation Commission (conservation, land management)

Erin Hilley - Conservation Biologist: Wilkinson Ecological Design (ecologist, consulting)

Diana Landau - Owner-Operator: Parlandau Communications; Board: Orleans Conservation Trust (conservation, communications, journalism)

Owen Nichols - Director: Marine Fisheries Research, Center for Coastal Studies (marine science, fisheries research, education)

Jeff Norgeot - Owner/Operator: Jeff Norgeot, Inc. (marine construction, shellfish management)

James Rosato - Commercial Shellfisherman, Orleans (shellfish & horseshoe crab research)

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The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Massachusetts,

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