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Preserve Sipson Island in Pleasant Bay

Sipson Island - Frequently Asked Questions

How large is Sipson Island?

The island is 24 acres in size.

How long has the Island been private, without public access?

Since 1711, when 11 colonists bought the island from Tom Sipson, a local Native American sachem (leader).

Who would maintain the trails on the island?

It is anticipated that the nonprofit Sipson Island Trust would maintain the Island

Would development be restricted on the entire island?

Yes. Even the two parcels with dwellings on them would have restrictions on what can be done with the buildings and the land they sit on.

Would any dwellings be removed?

Yes. A three-bedroom residence, a four-bedroom residence, and a two-bedroom guesthouse would be removed and their septic systems filled in. This is to avoid maintenance issues and with the goal of returning the island to its open, natural habitat.

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