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Preserve Sipson Island in Pleasant Bay

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Map of Sipson Island Access Points

There are 15 public landings around Pleasant Bay, including eight in Orleans. Kayaks are available to rent from private companies in Orleans; check online.  The distances from the public landings on Quanset and Portanimicut Roads to the Island are approximately one mile. In the future, there will be opportunities for students and families to access the island through collaborative education programs with private and public partners.

a - Meeting House Pond

b - River Road

c - Lonnie’s Pond (2 with Herrick Property)

d - Barley Neck Landing

e - Pahwah Point / Kents Point

f  - Quanset Pond

g - Portnimicut

h - Orleans Town Landing

i - Pleasant Bay Community Boating

-Floating classroom

j - Head of Pleasant Bay

- Ryder’s Cove

l - North Chatham Town Landing

m - Chatham Fish Pier

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